Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Charlotte's first day of school

The sun was "too bright mum!" for me to do the front door photo,
so you get our outdoor toilet door instead lol
My mum told me when Charlotte was born that motherhood is just a series of letting go, and this monday was one of the hardest letting goes (go's?) I've done so far. Charlotte had her first day of Kindergarten, and Justin and I are no longer the most important and knowledgeable people in her life.

Jack's first day in the Banana's in Pyjama's room
Jack went back to preschool on Monday, so of course we had to take his picture for the first day of school too. He is very excited to be a big "Banana's" kid now, and in the preschool end of the centre. We had a few tears on Tuesday as we explained to him that he didn't get to go to preschool even though Charlotte got to go back to school. Today was much better, and he was quite happy to have mine and his Gran's full attention for the day. But how much of a chatterbox is he? I didn't realise how much he talks to Charlotte in a day until it was all directed at me!

Obligatory in front of the school sign shot
Ignore the date, they staggered the Best Start Assessment days over 3 days so Charlotte's first day was Monday, but Kindergarten didn't officially start until Tuesday.

Taking it all in her stride, practically running into the school
Their poor, poor teacher!
She's in the same class as her best friend and they are so excited, send prayers for their teacher!

On the way home on Monday, look at that grin! She loved it!
She loved her first day and 3 days later, still loves going. I hope this enthusiasm lasts after their full curriculum kicks in next week (and the next 13 years!)
2 days in a row were too much!
Yesterday she came home and was so exhausted that she put herself to bed at 4, and slept on and off (lights on until I realised she was asleep) until 8pm, she got up for some dinner and went straight back to bed until Jack woke her up early this morning.

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